Can it really reduce electricity bills?

● electronic circuit breakers
Under what circumstances can the electricity bill be reduced?

 When the contract power is large (10kW or more)
 When the proportion of the base electricity bill in the total bill is high
 Although there are many devices in use, they are rarely used at the same time

If you meet any of the above conditions, you may be paying extra for your electricity bill every month.

What is a circuit breaker?

There are basically only two types of circuit breakers on the market today,
thermal magnetic circuit breakers and electronic circuit breakers,
both of which aim to control the flow of current. The former uses the thermal expansion effect of the metal,
and the latter uses the CPU to control the value of the current.

However only the electronic circuit breaker can reducing the base electricity bill.

The difference between thermal magnetic circuit breakers and electronic circuit breakers.


The contractual power calculation method of the thermal circuit breaker is the sum of the amperes of all the equipment that the customer owns.
In other words, with this contract you are capable to operates all your equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Therefore, the base cost is significantly higher.

Electronic circuit breaker

“The biggest advantage of using an electronic circuit breaker is that the base cost of electricity does not increase as long as it remains within the pre-set range.
At the same time current used is automatically controlled by the CPU, thus it is possible to maximise usage. As a result, the base cost is significantly reduced.”

PSE mark awarded
According to the Electrical Appliance Safety Law (PSE), electrical appliances without the PSE mark are not allowed to be sold in Japan. This product has been inspected by the Institute of Electrical Safety (JET) to obtain the PSE mark.

Conformity with JIS standards
JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) is a national standard based on the Japanese Industrial Standard (1945) and is intended to promote industrial standardisation in Japan.

● Real life example

Electronic circuit breaker

The main operating principle of thermal circuit breakers is that when current flows through the breaker, the metal contained inside will heat up and deform. When the intensity of the current reaches the target level, the deformation will be so large that it cut off the transmission of the current. However, the problem is that when the atmospheric temperature changes, the expansion rate of the metal will also fluctuate. Therefore, it is difficult to control the power consumption stably.
The operating principle of the electronic circuit breaker is to use the modern CPU system to accurately record the current flow. As soon as the current when past the set range, the CPU will automatically cut off the current. Therefore, with accurate calculation, the base electricity bill can be greatly reduced.

■ ガソリンスタンドの設備

● LED lights

Switching to LED lights?
In recent years (2019) several manufacturers have announced that they will be discontinuing most of their fluorescent lamps,
meaning that it will become more difficult to replace and repair fluorescent lamps in the future.

Benefits of replacing LED lights

Cut expense with LED!

In order to reduce electricity costs some offices or factories install fewer and low-power lighting devices. However, dim lighting can often be drowsy and affect the working atmosphere. In factories, it also increases the risk of accidents, while in apartments it can affect the aesthetics or even cause security problems. So why not switch to more energy-efficient and brighter LED?
LED technology is now much more advanced than fluorescent lighting, and the energy-saving features of LED in particular can significantly reduce the amount of electricity used while maintaining the original brightness. For the sake of your staff’s working atmosphere and productivity, you should consider replacing our LED lights.

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