Introduction of Multilining

● Multilining

Product details

Since Multilining top and bottom layers are manufactured together at the factory, there is no risk of separation. This double layer design also improves the performance of weed resistance and durability (more than 10 years. In addition, because of the use of waterproof material, this reflective sheet can restrain the problem of soil erosion and muddy water entering local rivers when heavy rain.

Multilining product specification

遮光性(%) 引張強さ(N/cm) 引張伸び率(%) 貫入抵抗(N)
99.99以上 長手 449 / 幅 454 長手 710 / 幅750  345 


● Multi-cap

Installation of Multi-cap installation

Hight resistants toward a wide range of temperature and water, resulting in the capability of long-term outdoor use.In order to prevent the growth of weeds, we recommend using Multi-cap to cover the space between the leg part of the mount and reflective sheet.

specification sheet

項目  単位  規格値 試験方法
密度 mg/㎥ 0.25±0.05 JIS K6268 に準ずる
硬度 E18±5 JIS K6253 に準ずる
引張強さ MPa 0.59以上 JIS K6251 に準ずる
伸び 250以上 JIS K6251 に準ずる

※耐オゾン性試験において異常は認められませんでした。(40℃、20%伸張、50pphm、200時間) ※上記数値は各配合の代表値であり、性能を保証するものではありません。

● マルチライニングの効果

● Repowering

Effect of Multilining