‘Business Innovation Plan’ approved.

We are pleased to announce that our initiatives have been approved as a ‘Management Innovation Plan’ by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

A business innovation plan is a medium-term management plan formulated by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with the aim of engaging in ‘new business activities’ and achieving a ‘considerable improvement in management’. Current issues and aims shall be clarify during the formulation of the plan, then if the plan is approved by the national or prefectural government, the company is eligible for various support measures.

Theme: Improvement of solar power generation efficiency and disaster mitigation effects through the use of multifunctional sheets

Planning period: May 2011 to April 2026.

*Approval of an innovation plan does not mean approval of the products or services described in the application.
It also does not constitute a recommendation for commercial transactions to other companies or individuals.

We will aim to continue to provide innovative services and aim to be a company that contribute to society.



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